For tournaments and events sanctioned by Badminton Victoria
Badminton Victoria Player Grading System


Badminton Victoria has a policy involving the grading of players for all sanctioned state Open & Graded events. The policy was created to ensure players are correctly playing in an appropriate grade compared to their ability.


The points accumulated under the Australian National Rankings System will be used by BV to determine the lowest grade a player can play in an event at a Victorian graded tournament. Grading is done on a per event basis.

The number of points required to be graded in a certain category is outlined in the table below.

For example: If you hold between 351-1,400 points you are eligible to play B Grade as a minimum at BV sanctioned tournaments. However you could also play A Grade or Open should you choose too, but you would be unable to play C or D grades.

Grading For Doubles Pairings

The average number of points between the two (2) players will be used in working out the appropriate grading of the doubles pair.


No Rankings

Should a player not have a ranking in a particular discipline, the lowest grade the individual can play will be one grade lower than the one he or she has been allocated in any other discipline.

For example: If a player was ranked at A Grade for Singles, B Grade for Doubles and had no grading for Mixed, the lowest grade they could play Mixed Doubles at would be C Grade.


Should a player have not played any Victorian tournaments for 12 months or more, the grade at which the player entered in his or her last tournament will be used.


For example: If a player has been injured and has not played a Badminton Victoria sanctioned tournament in 18 months, the lowest grade that player could play at would be whatever grade they last played. If they last played A Grade at a tournament 18 months ago, then the lowest grade they can play when entering a new tournament would be A Grade.


If the player does not have a ranking across all disciplines, but has a BWF ranking in the past 36 months, the lowest grade that can be allocated for a discipline is B Grade.


If the player has no rankings across all events and does not have a BWF ranking in the past 36 months, the lowest grade that can be allocated for a discipline is D Grade


Should a player have never played in a Victoria/Australian/BWF sanctioned tournament they would be eligible to play in D Grade.


Discretion By The Tournament Director

The Tournament Director has the right to re-grade a player or pairing to a higher grade, should they believe a player or pairing has entered a grade significantly below their ability. A Tournament Director cannot under any circumstances re-grade a player to a lower grade than allowed under BV Player Grading System.



Breaches Of Policy

The system will be monitored by fellow players at events and if a player believes another player breaches this policy it is up to them to alert the relevant authorities. For further details regarding examples of breaches, sanctions and reporting guidelines, download the BV Grading Policy .



Should you believe a player has breached this policy your need to contact; Badminton Victoria Events via with the following information:

  • Name of the player

  • Name of the tournament in question

  • A short explanation of the breach you believe has occurred

  • Any other details you believe are relevant to the situation



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