We're committed to badminton for all 


Badminton is a sport for everyone. BV is working to ensure that everyone in Victoria who wants to play badminton can.

Badminton Victoria encourages and celebrates the diversity that is already part of our sport, and we have a number of policies and programmes to help ensure that our sport is accessible to everyone.

BV recognises the importance of making badminton accessible to the diverse Victorian population. Recent research indicates barriers to participation in sport may be experienced by a number of Victorian communities, including but not limited to:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

  • People with disability

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse people

  • LGBTQIA+ people


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We've recently strengthened our commitment by appointing Olivia Na as our Inclusion Manager. Our new Inclusion Policy outlines our overall strategy to actively encourage an accessible, fair and inclusive environment where all participants are:

  • Welcomed

  • Represented and visible

  • Included in decision making

  • Empowered to participate

  • Safe and free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, and vilification

Here are the ways we are putting our vision into practise

Specific strategies 

We are creating specific strategies for increasing participation amongst groups who have increased barriers to participation. We have recently released our Strategy for People with Disabilities. We will be releasing other plans for target groups in the future.

Inclusive and Charter Clubs

This programme is a major part of our inclusion strategy. Clubs are only accredited to use the Inclusive or Charter Club symbol once they have met certain benchmarks;

1. they have demonstrated a commitment to inclusion 
2. they have undergone specific training
3. they have effective governance structures in place. This ensures that members have a voice, can seek redress if there are any issues, and can be sure that there are suitable member protections in place. 

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The Inclusive or Charter Club symbol is your assurance of a warm welcome, that you will be a valued member of the club, and that the club celebrates the diversity of all its members. The Inclusive and Charter Club programme is expected to come into force in 2021, and we expect more and more of our affiliated clubs to become accredited. Look for the symbol in the Club Listing page, or you can search for an Inclusive or Charter Club in your area using the Club Finder page.

Badminton Ambassadors

The Badminton Ambassador programme will promote diversity in our game. Ambassadors will work to take our message of inclusion into the community. Promoting the inclusive nature of our sport, and our commitment to inclusion, will help reach a larger audience and make real our vision for badminton for all.

Here are some of our member clubs who are leading the way 

Ability Badminton 

Ability Badminton is a club for people with disabilities. Based at MSAC they run a regular programme of sessions each week during term time. You can find out more about Ability via their Facebook page.

FireShot Capture 251 - Ability Para Badm
FireShot Capture 254 - Welcome to the Sh

Shuttlecats is an LGBTQI+ social badminton group located in Melbourne, Australia. If you identify as a queer woman, transgender woman, non-binary individual or an ally to this community, come along for a friendly, non-competitive play.

Shuttlecats play every Tuesday night at MSAC.

Melbourne Smashers 

The Melbourne Smashers is a friendly  LGBTQI badminton club based at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) at Albert Park. We are one of Melbourne's largest LGBTQI sporting clubs, and also one of Melbourne's largest badminton clubs. We welcome new players and want you to have the best possible experience playing with us. 

The Smashers play every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.