SILVER PLACE for Under 17 Victoria Rebels at June Bevan Trophy

After a heart-stopping final the Under 17 Victoria Rebels State Team (VIC Rebels) have won the Silver medal at the ILT June Bevan Trophy 2018 - competing against top teams from states, territories and regions across Australia and New Zealand.

The VIC Rebels were pumped after a close win against the Western Australia Warriors team (WA Warriors) in the Semi-Final, 9-7. And were now up for a re-match against the New South Wales Thunder team (NSW Thunder) who the VIC Rebels were defeated 11-5 in the preliminary group stages.

The underdog team, VIC Rebels were eye-to-eye in the Girl's and Boy's Doubles matches and matched 2-2 early in the Finals against NSW Thunder. After the grueling four Boy's Singles and four Girl's Singles matches, NSW Thunder scraped in to the lead over VIC Rebels, 7-5.

But hope was not lost, as the VIC Rebels dug deep to fight hard in the last matches of the ties, the four Mixed Doubles. Both teams won a Mixed Doubles match each at first, putting NSW Thunder in the zone for a win, 8-6. VIC Rebels could not afford to lose another match for a chance to draw with NSW Thunder and a have a secondary count of points to determine a winner. But after an incredible fight throughout the tie, the VIC Rebels were overcome in a Mixed Doubles match and NSW Thunder won the Australasian title 9-7.

We could not be prouder of our Under 17 VIC Rebels who played well to push their opponents further in their re-match against NSW Thunder. But even more impressive was their sportsmanship and passion carried out throughout the tournament, as well as their respect and cammaraderie amongst the team and even towards their opponents.

Badminton Victoria congratulates all the players on their outstanding performance throughout the competition - Ross Audley, Benjamin Chen, Ryan Venpin, Rayne Wang, Otto Zhao, Margaret Zhao, Kaitlyn Ea, Latisha Gay, Starcia Han, Fiona Le, Makayla Turner and Minbo Zhao - and Team Officials Julie McDonald (Coach), Eden Turner (Manager) and Kay Coady (Umpire). And a special mention of family and friends who travelled to New Zealand to support the team at the competition.

Full results can be found on Tournament Software. Or you can watch the action again here:

June Bevan Trophy 2018 Final - NSW Thunder vs VIC Rebels

June Bevan Trophy 2018 Presentations

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