Validate Your 2017 BV SportsPass Membership Card

Badminton Victoria partners with SportsPass to bring more rewards and benefits to BV members and registered participants. With your SportsPass membership card, you will have access to coupons, discount offers, rewards and competitions with major retailers, tourist attractions and more.

If you are registered with BV for 2017, you will have already received your email from SportsPass inviting you to validate your digital SportsPass card and start claiming your rewards and benefits.

Your SportsPass invitation email looks like:

If you have not received this email, please contact your BV Affiliate association, club or venue to confirm your email address and details has been added to the BV database.

Please note that the digital cards are replacing the physical cards from last year. However, should you have a request for a physical card, please contact the BV offices. To be eligible for a physical BV SportsPass Membership card, you must be a current BV member.

SportsPass Membership Cards are issued for new BV members and participants at the start of each month. So ensure your details are updated today to receive your validation email in the next issue round.

For further enquiries about BV registration, please contact


To ACTIVATE your SportsPass card, you need to first REGISTER your details and create an account with SportsPass here:

To VALIDATE your SportsPass digital card, you need to first Add A Card to your account and select Badminton Victoria as your sporting organisation and enter the unique membership code provided in the SportsPass invitation email.

NOTE: Your unique membership code is not your BV ID.

Once you have activated your BV SportsPass Membership Card, you can start downloading coupons, claiming rewards and more. Register your details on the SportsPass website to see a full list of offers.

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